Interweave Press New Book: Simple Style

Well I just got it today in the mail, and it is an amazing book. I love it love it love it. I have a preview of this book already and you can see it here. I am incredibly honored to be part of Interweave’s publications…when I look through my library of books, when you sort them out by publisher the majority of my books from a single publisher are Interweave. My favorites are Interweave. I am a decidedly Interweave type knitter, I guess.

I am not by any means knocking the other publications. They all have their own niche, and their own style. I like things from Knitter’s as well, but I tend to reach for Interweave first. Interweave has more of a history with teaching of techniques, and I am all about learning and taking charge of my own knitting. Anyway I am getting off on a tangent.

Simple Style is out now. It is a great book and I am delighted to be one of the designers in this fabulous book. I would by it myself if I were not in it. There are projects in it I want to knit, and I don’t say that lightly as I tend not to knit things that I have not designed myself. Well, in all honesty, I don’t do a lot of project knitting. But if I did, would be a lot in this book I would want to knit. I had the same experience with Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick.

Look for it soon, as it is shipping now.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Interweave Press New Book: Simple Style”

  1. connie Says:

    I’ve seen it. Like you, I’m a huge Interweave fan. And of their — Style books. This is a great addition to that series. And your sweater is lovely. I love how you have delicate eyelet lace at the edge of ribbing. Congrats! 🙂

    • jolenetreace Says:

      Thanks Connie! I was really pleased with how well it was displayed in the book, glad you liked it. It looks like something you would have designed. I have followed your designs in Interweave Knits with great interest and enthusiasm.

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