Book Submission In The Works and Other News

I won’t name any names as it is too early, but I will tell you that I have begun to go over my book submission as I am going to be submitting my proposal to another publisher. A contact that I know in the business is going to look at my proposal and I am frankly nervous.

I have not talked about my book idea in a long time, and for those who don’t remember it, the idea for the book is simple: all of the designs are inspired by animals at the zoo. Originally it was our local children’s zoo, but over time and travels there have been a couple things added that are not from our local zoo. For those who are familiar with my designs you know that none of my work is representational, it is all abstract. Zambesi River and Squirrel Monkey are both examples of designs inspired by animals.

I originally came up with the concept a couple years before Handknit Holidays came out, and had shown all of the swatches to Ann Budd as well as Meg Swansen (I went to knitting camp when I turned 40 with Katherine Misegades, I am now 45). Various people in the industry have seen the swatches and loved the concept. I submitted the book to Interweave, but the editor in the book department at the time did not feel knitters could relate to a book that had animals as the inspiration. If I had changed the concept to include other things, it might have been a different story.

However, I can see a whole series of books, either Inspired Knitting or a Knitter’s Travelogue and then different subtitles. A book for example with designs inspired on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago. A book on Sacred Places (I have a design already that is inspired by Arlington Cemetary with some wonderful photography).  The Great Lakes, Route 66, Eclectic Architecture.

I went through my computer and printed off a whole stack of papers that I will be going through and makeing sure there isn’t anything I want to change. I went through my swatches the other day and sorted out which ones I want to re-knit in a different yarn, as I have yarn support now and want to use yarns from different yarn companies that are so generous and helpful. Skacel, Plymouth, Trendsetter, and Dale are all ones I would like to thank for various reasons. It it were not for Trudy VanStralen (Louet Sales) I would not be a designer today. I did my first professional design for them, and she was very encouraging, followed closely by Black Water Abbey’s Marilyn King. Marilyn is a wonderful woman and I treasure her dearly.

I am at a point in my design career where I am trying to make my patterns more widely appealing though, and part of that when you market to yarn stores is having designs offered in yarns that are available wholesale. So I am doing two versions of many of my designs, a worsted weight version in Black Water Abbey and then another version in either a different worsted weight wool, or a different weight yarn or different fiber. I am looking at having  some of the same patterns be a better fit for southern states by using more all season blends and lighter weights (Schulana Merino Cotton 135 is a DK weight Merino Cotton, for example, and they have a Merino Cotton 90 which is a Worsted Weight according to the web site).

I guess you could say I have a larger pallete to choose from now, which is great fun. Oh, yes. Thank you to Shi Bui Knits. For those of you who are shop owners who will be going to TNNA I will be providing a final list of sample garments and yarn vendors who have donated yarn, along with their booth numbers, closer to TNNA. Barring anything catastrophic you will see:

Calliope (New Leaflet) knit in Lyndon Hill from Plymouth Yarns, Bramble Berry and Lush (New Design) knit in Schulana Merino Cotton 90 from Skacel, Harvest Spice (New Design) knit in ShiBui Knits Silk Cloud, Elizabeth I knit in Claudia Handpaints Silk Lace.


2 Responses to “Book Submission In The Works and Other News”

  1. mary mcmahon Says:

    Jolene, very exciting to hear you are doing a book. I would buy any book fron you sight unseen. Mary

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