Hello Boston Knitters

I was just in Boston this past weekend visiting my husband and went to the Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival. I actually found out about it when I arrived in Boston and Ed and I were looking at what we were going to do Saturday morning and I was looking at yarn stores. I know, pretty creative huh. He is a good man.

We went out to the festival and watched some ladies making Bobbin Lace. I have always thought this would be fun to do. Bobbin Lace requires the use of a special pillow, pins, bobbins, threads, and a paper with the pattern printed on it. The pins are moved down the paper while the lace is woven around the pins.

We also watched a demonstration of sheepherding with about 4 or 5 dogs with a bunch of sheep and three goats. I always enjoy watching the dogs, as they always seem to enjoy what they are doing. I could not help but think of some of the animal rights groups who feel it wrong to use animals for this type of work…one of the Shepherds commented that he would not recommend one of these dogs just as a pet, as he said they need work to do and if they don’t have it they will find it and it won’t always be good. A very good point. Work is not always a bad thing, and sure maybe the animal did not sit there and think I want to choose this occupation when I grow up, but that doesn’t mean the animal is unhappy working. Those dogs really light up when they do their thing.

There is a balance between work and play, and the Shepherd doing the talking commented that they also have to teach these dogs to have fun because they will continue to find ways to work even when they are not herding the sheep, so then they started playing Frisbee with the dogs. The dogs loved that too. An animal can work hard without being hard worked, if that makes sense.

We also went to the Minute Man National Historic Park. That was awe inspiring to say the least. While we were not there during any special event, we did see Hartwell Tavern and a view of Battle Road. There is about 4 miles of the road still preserved along the front of the tavern that still stands.

I flew in and out of Dayton so I had a chance to visit with Erin (Hi Sweetie!) and her family…well, mostly Ian as Andy is on night shift now.  On my way home yesterday I forgot my laptop, so I am meeting Andy in St. Mary’s Ohio which is about halfway and he will be giving me my laptop. I have files in there that I need for designs in progress. I feel bad so I will offer to buy him so lunch in St. Mary’s.

I did buy some yarn while in Boston. At the Sheep thing at Gore Place I bought some yarn from Bartlett Yarns, who had a booth there. And on the drive home from Dayton I went to Stitches and Scones, just north of Indianapolis in Westfield, to get some Sedona by Tahki. I bought other yarn too, that I was looking for. When I was in the Boston area (I was actually closer to Lexington, Concord and Bedford) I called I don’t know how many yarn stores looking for Sedona. I needed some to swatch with and nobody had it in the area. I had fun going to Stitches and Scones though, which if you are in the area is well worth a stop. It is one of my very favorite yarn stores.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Hello Boston Knitters”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Hi, Jolene. I just found your blog via Ravelry and the Indy Pattern Designers group, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I went to the Sheep Shearing Festival at Gore Place, too, and so enjoyed watching the dogs work (and bought some yarn, of course). Anyway, just wanted to say “hi”. Best, Kathleen (Purly on Ravelry)
    P.S. I knit your Wine and Roses Mitts for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loves them.

    • jolenetreace Says:

      Thank you, the blog is fun though I think I should post more.

      Those dogs looked like they were having a fantastic time, didn’t they? Glad you said hi and tell your mom I am glad she is enjoying her mitts and my best wishes to you both.

      I will be in the area again visiting my husband, from June 30th to July 8. He is having arthroscopic surgery on his knee on the 7th, and our anniversary is the 30th. I am hoping to get to some yarn stores this trip out. He is out at Hanscom Air Force Base.

      I met one of the Dolly-Momma’s, who has a store somewhere in the area (I need to look up her card although she won’t be in town while I am there this trip…she was in the booth of my distributor at TNNA in Columbus last weekend).

      Cheers, JoLene

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