The Joys of Digital Files: Symbol Dropped off Elizabeth I Chart

I recieved an email from a nice knitter over the weekend who was new to lace knitting and had some troubles with Dainty Bess from my Elizabeth I pattern. She was asking about the sk2p and what to do in the last rep, since the key said to end the last rep with ssk (this symbol on Dainty Bess always has a yo on both sides of the dec).

She knew enough to know that she should not have a yo on both sides if not working a double dec, but it wasn’t making sense to her.

On the answer key, what was missing was an asterisk/star, that matches one next to two rows on Glorianna, where there is an sk2p as the last stitch in the repeat. There is a yo in front of it, and the yo that pairs with it is at the beginning of the repeat. Since there is not a repeat following in the row, there would not be a yo then to pair up with that other dec (it is a two stitch dec).  In those two rows, the knitter must work a single decrease as there is not a yo that follows the sk2p when it is the last st worked in the row.

My solution was to have the star/asterisk on Glorianna next to the sk2p on Glorianna where it was the last stitch in the row, have a note above the chart with the asterisk to see chart key for last rep, and then to have the star/asterisk in the key as well.

My new solution will be to put in the chart sk2p: at * end last rep ssk (Glorianna). There are no other double dec’s in the repeat.

Sometimes it can be difficult to write instructions that are both clear and concise, particularly when you know something well. It might not be clear to someone who doesn’t know as much about either the topic or the pattern.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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