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I am now on twitter, I feel so urban. How to best utilize Twitter as a tool for my business is one I will be exploring. I know there are people who use it just for comments like, I am picking lint out of my belly button and it is bright pink, or I ate peanut butter for lunch. I don’t want to go there with my Tweets. Even though I understand the object is to say in a couple sentences what you are doing in that moment, I still feel my – and your – time is valuable. I don’t want to take up time with the too terribly mundane.

That said feel free to look me up on Twitter. I won’t post reams of stuff all day leaving you to wonder what else I do besides social networking, and I will have bits here and there of what I am doing including more of my day to day life than my blog posts contain. It will not however, be a day in the life of me. I don’t have time for that, you’d scare me if you did, and I know y’all have other things to do than sit there and read the minutia of my life.

But right now the sandman is calling and my eyes are drifting South. It was a long night at the hospital. I am tired. I got off work late again tonight. When I work evenings, I usually get off at 11:30 pm, and I got off after 1 am again.  A couple days ago when I was working my arm got caught in one of the elevator doors. Yup. Door snapped shut on it, like a vise. I will freely admit to feeling some worry as I was pinned there for a few minutes. Everyting moved fine in my fingers and so on, and it did not hurt to push or pull or bear weight. No numbness or tingling. Bruising and swelling yes. The House Manager asked me if I needed to go to the ER to be seen and I declined. If I had other symptoms besides bruising and swelling I would have, but they would have told me to put ice on it (which I did) and take Ibuprofen (which I also did).  It is quite painful to touch but other than that it is fine. With the bruising it is going to hurt. You know, it is just so much more fun being a knitting designer. If I could drop being a nurse and earn the same income doing knitting desing, I would do it in a heart beat.

There are things I love about nursing. I love the challenge, I love helping people. One of the difficult things to overcome for those working from home is isolation.  This is true for knitting designers too, where you don’t have much face to face interaction like you do a “regular” job. Then again you have other advantages too. If you are tired, or sick, you can go to work without your bra on, in your pajamas, and no one cares that you don’t look professional. It is a short commute and you are with your stuff.

Anyway, I am rambling. I really do need to go to bed. Find me on twitter at


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