New View: Fresh Theme For My Blog

Well I have had my blog for awhile now, and it was time for a fresh look. Plus I liked the navigation options better with some of the newer themes available. Choosing a new them for my blog should not have taken several hours, but there you have it. It did.

It isn’t like picking out curtains with someone (i.e. when you get married or make a big commitment, and you pick out furnishings for your shared space). Themes are easy to switch. But picking one is not easy, particularly when you want a look that is both professional and friendly…and the navigation needs to be good and unobtrusive. It is all about good design, and since I don’t know about CSS and putting together my own theme at the moment, I have to make due with one available to me and hope I can find one that doesn’t look too canned.

Hope you like the new view.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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