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Well I am done tinkering with the looks of the blog for now. It needed a little more visual appeal, and while I liked the layout a bit better on the other, this version gave me the option of doing a custom header. I will be using that custom header to switch out photos of new designs as they come available.

I so love Adobe products.

I am not all that keen on the fat links above the banner, but when you don’t design it yourself, you take what you can get. Personally, I think it competes with the header a bit. We don’t host our blogs ourselves, they are on WordPress’s site. They can be hosted on our web site but we have not investigated that and frankly I don’t know how the transition works, whether or not the content already on WordPress would be lost or not.

At any rate, that is it for the blog.

New designs coming out: Sugar and Spice, a baby blanket, and Animal Crackers, a set of baby sweaters, are in Knitted Gifts by Ann Budd, published by Interweave. I saw the advance copy at TNNA so the book will be out shortly. It has a lot of really great projects in it, just like Simple Style.

Simple Style of course has not been out that long, and I have a design in it. Again, it is by Ann Budd and published by Interweave. Kazumi is the name of the design I have in it.

Bramble Berry All Seasons was shown at TNNA for those of you in warmer areas (or who don’t want a worsted weight wool sweater). Knit out of Merino Cotton 90 from Schulana, distributed by Skacel, it is the lovely red violet sweater in the banner above. It is the first of the worsted weight wool designs being redone and released in either a Cotton Wool blend or a DK weight yarn (which is like a light worsted). All of the original worsted weight wool designs will continue to be carried as well.

Lush and Calliope were also previewed at TNNA in the booth of my distributor Up North Fiber Art Supply, and they pre-ordered all three new designs. I will be photographing those today and will write up a feature on them like I have for my other designs.

And of course, I am working on some other new things as well…

If you would like to see the fashion show from TNNA this summer, they post it on you tube. It is hosted by the Yarn Group. I thought it was well done, and attended with the ladies from PatternFish. I met Julia last year at TNNA, and I will be offering pdf downloads of all my patterns through PatternFish. As they become available on pdf I will announce it on my blog.

There are still a few shops that are resistant to designers offering pdf patterns. For designers, it is another way to offer our designers to customers, in a format that a segmant want. From the conversations I have had with other designers, it seems that shoppers tend to fall into these groups: those who don’t go online and always purchase from B&M (brick and mortar – any retail shop), those who purchase from mail order and online, with those who purchase online being as likely to order a download pattern as a hardcopy. It is that online segment that doesn’t want the paper copy that I am trying to be able to reach.

Those customers are not likely to purchase a paper pattern. What others have found is that when paper patterns are displayed well in the shops, the patterns tend to do well also. If the patterns are shoved in an obscure corner where they can be forgotten about, they don’t do as well. There is a certain amount of marketing responsibility on the shops for their own product. A pattern in itself can be a good impulse purchase leading to a yarn sale. Some shops even display new patterns with a hot new yarn, where they can be seen together. One shop had a felted purse with some patterns for the purse stuck in it. The wondered why they had trouble keeping the pattern in stock.

I recently had someone in Norway contact me regarding a design of mine and wondering if it were available in pdf format. I told her not yet, but soon.

The prices on PatternFish will be the same as the other retail outlets, as PatternFish is essentially like selling patterns to another store and they in turn sell them to the customer. They, however, sell the digital format with the ability to provide some security to the pdf and take care of all the details that go with that, along with tracking sales and so on. They earn their percentage.

There will be a link on my blog when the patterns go live on PatternFish.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


2 Responses to “News from Kristmen’s Design Studio”

  1. Lynda in Oregon Says:

    Hi, JoLene! Wanted to leave a feedback comment on the appearance of the new blog. Wish it could be more positive….

    Either my monitor is wonky (entirely possible), or you need to do some more tweaking. Photos are not coming up, and the text below the main title (Home, Independent somethingsomething) is overprinting itself and is pretty well unreadable.

    If you have complaints from others, you might want to take another run at it. If I’m the only person having the problem, maybe I better start pricing new monitors or graphics cards!

    Best wishes in any case, and I’m eagerly awaiting some of the new designs.

    Take care, and keep your arm out of elevator doors!

    –Lynda in Oregon

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