Black Bunny Fibers Flutter Laceweight

I met Carol at TNNA in Columbus this past June when having dinner with Julia of Pattern Fish. We had a blast, and we ate dinner at the Schmidt Restaurant and Sausage Haus in German Village, minutes from the Convention Center. T’he highlight of the Dinner was (besides the excellent food and fine company of course) the tuba and accordion players playing Freebird at Carol’s request. Carol gave me her card and I contacted her after TNNA regarding some lace designs I am working on.

I am swatching with a skein of the Flutter Laceweight, a very nice 80% Merino / 20% Silk blend. I really like the yarn, it has just enough silk in it to give it a different hand than “plain old wool”, not that there is anything wrong with that, there isn’t, and there is beauty in those too, but sometimes you just want something with a little more in it. The silk adds to the drape of the finished lace. It has a very nice hand as well. It knits up nice, the colors are pretty, and while it is more varigated than what I am used to (look at my designs and you will see that handpaint is a departure for me, although Squirrel Moneky in Interlacements Toasty Toes is a semi solid type of Handpaint). The colors are more suited to lace than many other handpaints out there, so that you can see the stitch patterns. Carol did a good job with that.

Now, as to what I am swatching. I am happy to say as soon as I saw the yarn I knew I had to swatch the design I had worked on for my Grandmother when she passed away, Whisper My Name. I had not found the right yarn for this very special design. The yarns were all too fine, or too thick, or too fancy, or too plain. The colors were not right. Too this or too that. When I opened the package and saw the yarn, I knew I wanted to try it in this design. Sometimes it just works that way, it just tells me it wants a particular yarn and I am not happy with it in something else.  I have swatched it in probably 4 other laceweight yarns, all perfectly lovely yarns but ones I was not happy with for this design.

My Grandmother was very special to me. She was a loving woman, who never had a bad word for anyone. She was a strong woman, and was a profound influence on her children and grandchildren. She touched our lives and we miss her greatly. We treasure our memories of her, and are deeply grateful for the values that she taught us. She was an amazing woman.  I wanted a lace piece to remember her by as it seemed fitting, and it was a good way to work through my own grieving. And I wanted it to be either a stole or a shawl, so that I could wrap myself up in it, like wrapping myself up in her memory, her warmth, her love. Like the memory of her hug.

I think she would love the stole. I chose elements that I felt reflected not only her personality but our family as well, and the many colors fit that well too. There are a lot of us when we are all together. Over 30 just with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins…not including the Cousin’s Spouses or Children. And we have so many different interests and talents. Yet my Mother’s family is a close one, a loving one…Grandma was a good teacher. In the end, the hospice nurses were amazed at how well cared for she was. Even in her last days, her Sons and Daughters tended her well. There is a verse in the Bible that talks about a three-fold cord not being easily broken, and that is certainly true. We draw strength from each other in difficult times. And even in times that are hard, joy does come in the morning.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


One Response to “Black Bunny Fibers Flutter Laceweight”

  1. Carol Says:

    What a lovely post! I’m glad to be a small part of honoring your grandmother this way.

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