Book Description: Sneak Peak at From Monkey Island

Okay. So I have this idea for a book. All the designs are inspired by animals at the zoo. I have been to a number of them, including the San Diego Zoo, the National Zoo in Washington DC, The Brookfield Zoo, The Cincinnati Zoo, The Detroit Zoo, The Indianapolis Zoo, and my personal favorite, The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Oh yes, went to the one in New Orleans too, the year before Hurricane Katrina.

I have enough swatches that should I not do another swatch, I could still produce a steady stream of designs for at least the next 15 years. You think I am joking, I know. Sadly it is no joke. I love to swatch and just don’t have the time to work them all up into designs. I am often inspired by nature and animals in particular, and after awhile I noticed a trend with some of the swatches. I had a little theme going there, and then I thought it would make a fascinating book. Especially if I combined some of what I know about design. It can be really hard when you want to learn about design and other art principles, to find anything that puts it into knitting. I try and do that with my patterns, but a book would give me an opportunity to expand that a bit more.

I am working on my book submission right now. I have not sent it off to the publisher I am sending it to first. I need to finish going through it and finish up a few swatches and double check the illustrations. But I thought you might enjoy reading the book description, which I have included below.

From Monkey Island is a special kind of knitting book.  It is rich in beautiful projects, fresh in inspiration, and instructional beyond the mechanics of how to knit. Knitters talk about their fair isles and other garments also being art, yet often really don’t know what defines them as art. They are shielded and shy away from that culture and its’ resources.

Projects include cabled designs, stranded and other color work, textures, and lace. They are all inspired by animals at zoo’s I have visited. The inspiration of a particular design may be a colorway, a texture, a line of the body of the animal, or something more expressionistic (focused on emotional experience).  There are a wide range of projects for men, women and children. The style is fresh yet classic. Each element is chosen to support the inspiration of the design, and each design tells a story.

The purpose of the book is to provide beautiful projects that are enticing to knit, teach artful design, and encourage the knitter to start seeing the things around them. When we have an understanding of this process we gain the confidence to manipulate the things we work with (color, fiber, texture, stitch pattern, and so on). This greatly enhances the knitting experience and gives us the framework as knitters to defend that  question : What makes it Art?

The intended audience is any knitter who loves beautiful projects that are classic yet stylish, traditional yet fun. Knitters who want more from their knitting. More than mindless. More than utilitarian. More than rushing through to the next project to rush through. They want a richer experience. They want a story. They want passion in their knitting. This book brings all that and more, with its beautiful and inspiring projects and thoughtful discussion.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak…

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


3 Responses to “Book Description: Sneak Peak at From Monkey Island”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Congrats on the project. It’s a big undertaking (in my view) and it will be interesting to see. I really like the sweaters in your banner.

  2. Nancy Says:

    New projects, new banner, new perspectives! Although I have not visited any of the zoos you mention, I have spent time at zoos in Phoenix and Pittsburgh. They provide totally different experiences. There is a zoo cam on Pittsburgh does love its zoo/aquarium and its fireworks!

  3. Lynda in Oregon Says:

    What a terrific knitting book idea — go for it! (Amazing, isn’t it, how easily we encourage SOMEONE ELSE to take on a huge project?) 😉

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