Knitting Relationships

My recent adventures at TNNA for the summer show reminded me about the appeal knitting has in many ways beyond the fiber itself. To me knitting is about relationships. You have a relationship with your yarn and the things you create with it. You have a relationship with those in your knitting community…the local yarn stores you go to, the knitting clubs or guilds, and the online knitting communities you frequent. You have a connection to knitters in other cultures and times in history.

I enjoy that connection. I love meeting people and seeing their enthusiasm for their projects, a special yarn, their new product, or a discovered technique. Granted there are some knitters out there that are perhaps not as friendly as one might like or what have you, but by and large the fiber community is filled with warm and friendly people.

It is the warmth in knitting that draws me to it. I have done many creative things over the years, and done them very, very well. Being creative is like breathing for me…I do it without thinking, without ceasing…a drive pushes me forward and it happens without my will, and I cannot stop. I will always do something creative.

But knitting has a warmth to it that draws me to it. The warmth and softness of the yarn as it slips through my fingers as I knit. The relationships I have with the yarns, and the people. It is so portable, too. I can quite literally be creative anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It is soothing to me on many levels.

I hope your world brings you peaceful and soothing moments.

Peace and Knitting….JoLene Treace


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