Photography and Inspiration

I love photography. It is interesting the things that you can capture on film that you may not have noticed when looking at your surroundings, and inspiration abounds for colorways and textures that can be the springboard for interesting designs.It helps me appreciate things on a simple level, for the beauty present in our day-to-day lives that we take for granted or the humor that we can miss.

by JoLene Treace, Kristmen's Design Studio, all rights reserved.

I have had many photographs that have made me chuckle over the years of animals I have taken when shooting for design inspiration later, as they have their quirky personalities just like people do.

This little guy is so cute. I know he looks grumpy or sad…perhaps he didn’t get enough treats today.

I love the textures in this picture, aside from the appeal of the monkey itself. You have the texture of the fur contrasted with the texture of the log which is quite interesting.

The colors are beautiful too, and show how fantastic neutrals with a punch of color can be. This would make an earthy and interesting colorway for a fairisle or other stranded knitting garment. Black, offwhite, greys, shell pink, and the gold to rust colors.

As with most of the animals I photograph, this one was snapped at a zoo…our local zoo, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. It is a wonderful zoo and I love to go there and photograph the animals and the flowers.

I hope you find inspiration in your day from little things as well as unexpected places.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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