Personal Stuff

JoLene on Pier in late 1980's

I have lived in Northern Indiana my whole life. I have been to perhaps half of the states in this country, and if you count Canada, I have been out of the country.

I was born in 1963 in Warsaw, Indiana. I work part time as a registered nurse, and have always done things that are creative. China painting, porcelain dolls, metalsmithing. Photography, cooking, graphic design.

I am one of those folks who create because they have to. We are all wired in different ways with our own gifts, and for me the gift of creativity is one that has delighted, frustrated, and transported.

Delighted in that I see things in my day to day life (and not so day to day moments) in different ways. Frustrated in that it is a force I don’t feel like I have control over, although I have learned how to modify “its” behaviour (I have learned to limit what I do in terms of how many different creative things that I do, as it all relates to knitting design now).Transported in that I often feel like I am taken to a different place by virtue of looking at things differently, or literally a different place than I would have gone by virtue of what I want to do or accomplish.

Creativity is a gift and a journey, and a force unto itself. I have been this way from the earliest age. This is an old picture of me, one taken in my early twenties (I am 43 now), but it is one I like. I like many others, was more svelte in those days. I also have the problem of typically being the one behind the camera, so ya takes what you can get.

On the design front, I am not sure how long I have been designing, as I have not really thought about it. By that I mean designing professionally. I have never knit something that I did not design. My first professional design was Lilly, from Louet Sales.  Around the end of the 1990’s I think is when I started designing professionally. Since then I have developed a line of self published patterns (my vendors are listed in the side bar). I have been published in books and magazines, and hopefully will publish a knitting book some day. I have showed the idea to a number of individuals in the business and had very good feedback on it, I just need to get it off to a publisher. I have been dragging my feet on that.

 I am a Christian. I say that not for any reason, other than that is part of who I am .  Those of you who know me from online lists know that I am not a critical or judging person.  I care about people and how they are doing. And that caring side of me, I know, comes in part from who I am spiritually. So should I mention my faith, rest assured there is no judgement from me regarding anyone. Plus, I feel my creativity and spiritual side are deeply intertwined. It is like breathing for me.


One Response to “Personal Stuff”

  1. Tari Anne Kareidis Says:

    I am so very pleased to have met you! Your designs are breathtaking and if I didnt have arthritic paws and a complete idiocy when it comes to yarn crafts, I would have loved to make that Sweet Violet scarf!

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