My Family

My Family: Intro

I will add to this from time to time, with the new pictures being added at the top of the page so what is newest will come below this little intro.

I come from a large family. Not my immediate family, but extended. Lots of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. My memories of family gatherings on my Mom’s side are most prominant in my memory, as I think I am really a Rhoades at heart. I talked briefly about my family in Handknit Holidays, by Melanie Falick. My aunts (and grandmother) are intelligant, sharp witted women.  There was always a lot of laughter coming from the kitchen when the family gathered.

I love my family more than anything, and when I have not seen them for awhile, it is almost with a sense of relief that Christmas or summer comes, and we gather to catch up on each others lives. It is that slipping back into loving, old and comfortable relationships that keep us grounded.

The First Grandchild: Hello, Jessica Nicole!

Jessica NicoleThis is our first grandchild, grandaughter Jessica Nicole is now about 4 days old and weighs just under 7 pounds. Her mother is my oldest stepdaughter, Connie.

Jessica met her grandpa and I today for the first time. Dad, mom, and their dog Maggie were all tired. Little Jessica, being a new baby, needs to be fed during the night.

She is indeed precious. Her dad told me that the cat doesn’t quite know what to think of her yet. The cat and dog both are curious but respectful.

 I could wax poetic about the miracle of birth. Like many miracles, it is something that just is not adequately described and must be felt to be understood. Isn’t it funny how some things that we take for granted really are miracles, we just forget to see them for what they are?

Four Generations: Dads & Daughters 

4 generations
This picture was taken a long time ago, obviously. It is of my sister and I (I am on the right, Jamie is on the left), and my Dad (Jim, back right), Great Grandfather (Clarence), and Grandpa (Bob, back left). It is the only picture I have like this where there are the 4 generations together.

The picture was taken at some sort of community center in Plymouth, or a lodge. It had great stone fireplaces and we went there for the White family Christmas gatherings.

My dad came from a family of 4 kids. When my Dad was a boy my grandfather bought a small farm in Etna Green to “give my dad something to do”. Dad loved farming, but realized he would not be able to earn a living at it, so he turned to his love of music and became a music teacher.


2 Responses to “My Family”

  1. Jim White Says:

    Greetings JoLene:

    Just a minor correction and a little more information re: four generation picture.

    There are only 4 children of my parents, and I and the oldest and the only boy.

    Clarence, you great Grandpa is said to have never been without work, and that is something to be said, condidering the depression years.

    Your Grandpa, my dad, never missed a days work unless he was home sick in bed. I can only recall that happening three times.

    I followed dad’s lead. It just consumed too much of my time preparing lesson plans fo miss a days teaching. I think I only missed one, maybe two days teaching in 27 years due to illness. Now, workshops, that is a different matter, and I had no choice in that.

    The lodge, in Playmouth, is still there, and it is located by the river. I would have to work some to locate it, but if you are interested, we can check with your great Aunt Betty this year at the Christmas doing in Etna Green.

    Nice web site. You do a good job. No wonder your neck hurts. Keep cool.

    Love, Dad

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Thanks, Dad! I added you in twice (because you are twice as important, of course…VBG). It would be interesting to know where it is at. That was a neat old place from what I remember. love you.

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