Our Pets


The Dogs

Daisy: She came to live with us last October (2005). She is almost three years old. She is generally a sweet little dog, but she sometimes gets a little aggressive with out 14 year old cocker spaniel, who is now blind and deaf.

Daisy loves toys and looks after them like they are her babies. She as been known to put them in her food dish. She loves attention and likes to go down slides.

She is also a little pig. She will eat just about anything. Cute, isn’t she?

Taffy: As sweet as pie, this old girl is loved by everyone. TaffyShe used to be pretty frisky in her day, now she is about 14. She is blind, and deaf. She still has a lot of life left in her though. Her tail wags good, she knows where we are by smell and vibration on the floor. There have been some who wonder about her quality of life since she cannot see or hear. But she knows we are there, and does not act depressed. She is still a happy dog. So, for now, she is a dog with dissabilities. Animals roll with these things much better than people do. She loves food. She is a pig dog too, and if you give her a bisquit, she will love you forever.

The Cat

Chloe,  Yarn Wrestler  Chloe, Yarn Wrestler

This little cat is frisky. The first weekend we had her, she met most of the dogs in the family. My Stepdaughter Erin and her husband Andy has two, Katie (a German Shephard Chow mix) and Abbey (Jack Russel Terrior). My Stepdaughter Connie and husband Mike have a Golden Retriever, Maggie. I don’t know if she met my Mom and Dad’s dog Rags. But that little cat rolled with it. She stood up to them and held her ground. She was not about to stay hidden in a corner.  She loves to lay on laps and be petted. She hates to be held. She will tolerate it for awhile. She also loves her food, a little too well. She is a pig cat. When the dogs get a treat you can be sure she is right there too, waiting for one. When she was young, she was really bad about getting into my yarn and just making a mess of a ball between two or more rooms. She has gotten away from it, up until she had some feline fun with a ball of kidsilk haze not too long ago. 


2 Responses to “Our Pets”

  1. Maureen Barrow Says:

    Thankyou for the pictures of your pets, I’m just as crazy about mine a wee west highland terrier.But getting back to the main reason that I was on your site,I am looking for an everyday cardigan in 12ply, with pockets, just easy peasy. If you can help me with that, I will be forever greatful,[but I am no youngin I am 67 years old, so no bobbles etc.,,

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    Hmmm, that is a tough one. I would suggest (if you can get to the library, or get one yourself) looking at Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns or The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I have the first one, and it has many basic patterns in it with multiple gauges.

    Good luck!

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