Independent Knitwear Designers Web Ring

As you may know from seeing the links in the right hand column toward the bottom of the Blogroll, or from reading other parts of the list, that I have started a webring for Independent Knitwear Desginers.

I belong to a few lists for designers, as well as the Association of Knitwear Designers, so I apporached these lists first. When I started the blog I knew little about starting a web ring. I am still learning and it has proven to be a lot of fun seeing the different sites come in. The following description is from the home page of the ring:

“Our goal is to promote Independent Knitting Designers by increasing our visibility and accessability to handknitters.

Independent Knitwear Designers banner

This web ring exists to promote Independent Knitting Designers, to connect handknitters with quality knitting patterns and designers. If the website you are submitting is personal (such as a blog) your site should have content that strongly points to your knitting patterns and work and experiences as a designer. Since the purpose is to promote patterns of Independent Designers, the focus needs to be on just that. If you wish to have your personal blog on the ring, you may – provided your blog’s content is mostly about your experiences as a designer and has links to your patterns and or how knitters can purchase them.

Again, as the purpose is to promote the patterns of Independent Knitwear Designers, to not have your work featured in a way easy for your potential client to find is self defeating for the purposes of this ring.

Membership in organizations such as TNNA, AKD (Association of Knitwear Designers) is not mandatory, nor is membership of knitting lists for Knitting Designers. These types of resources are beneficial should you desire them and there are those on the ring who are members should you be interested and not know who to approach.”

If you would like to join you may click on the link at the bottom of the Blogroll in the right hand column and follow the steps on screen.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


3 Responses to “Independent Knitwear Designers Web Ring”

  1. Pat Feeley Says:

    Dear Jolene,

    I have had one of those computer events that results in having to get a new computer, and have somehow lost my ability to recall how to log on to the members page of the Independent Designers webring.

    Can you send me a re-authorization code? I feel like an idiot, and apologize profoundly.

    By the way, I have a dealer in Austin, Sandra Singh ( to whom I recommended both Imprint and Independent Designers. She is so pleased, and has picked up the work of six of the independents that she had not known about, with lots of fresh ideas.

    Hope it’s going well for you. I’m working as fast as I can toward the fall season; gardened like a crazy person for weeks; written a whole series of both consumer and retailer columns for Cascade; and finished my Red Scarf Project scarf, the pattern for which Cascade is going to run as a freebie. My animal scarves are fairly popular, and I’m at work on three more: a pussycat (ready to go), a rattlesnake (for Sandra in Austin, next project up, because she wanted something that said “Texas!”), and a sheep, which I’ve asked Sixth and Spring to go over, apprehensive that there may be a perceptible copyright problem, since they published a rather different scarf in one of those small scarf books several years ago. It would help if they’d answer the mail, of course.



  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Thanks Pat! Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. I will pop over to the ring and send you some stuff.

  3. perualpacayarn Says:

    I am writing to You from Peru Alpaca Yarn & Textile. If I may trouble You to ask, are You using alpaca fiber in Your designs.Would You consider to use alpaca fiber in Your designs?
    We are small spinners in the Lima,Peru and perhaps there is a way ,You may be interested buying our yarn for Your designs.
    2/28nm alpaca yarn – 38 Us dollar/kg
    2/28nm-50%alpaca 45%acrylic 5% wool – 23 US dollar/kg
    * shade card attached with this email

    Thank You for Your time and kind attention.

    Jaanus J Vosu Jr.
    alpaca yarn sales person
    Peru Alpaca Yarn & Textile

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